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Can You Get Divorced Online In California?

Can you get divorced online in California

One of San Diego's Best Divorce Lawyers answers if you could get divorced online in California

Filing for divorce is rarely easy and can quickly get expensive, especially if there are complicating factors like high-value assets, stock options, or other outstanding issues that must be resolved before your divorce can be finalized. One way to keep your divorce costs down is to file for divorce online.

An online divorce may allow for a faster and simpler resolution in certain uncontested divorces involving spouses who can negotiate the details of their divorce settlement. For a contested divorce, however, you will need the guidance of a divorce attorney who can step in and help you reach a fair and equitable settlement agreement. Contact our San Diego divorce attorneys at 619 Divorce today to learn more about how to get divorced online in California.

Key Takeaways

619 Divorce attorneys answer if you could get divorced online in California

Understanding the California Divorce Process

If you wish to end your marriage and are planning to file a petition for divorce in California, it is essential to understand the steps of the California divorce process. First and foremost, you must meet the residency requirements for a California divorce. To file for divorce in California, either you or your spouse must have the following:

Like most states, divorces in California are “no-fault,” which means you don’t have to justify your decision to end your marriage or prove any wrongdoing on your spouse’s part. Furthermore, the court will generally not consider the actions of either spouse in dividing property or determining support.

If you meet the residency requirements for a California divorce and decide to proceed with the divorce process, you must follow these steps:

How Can I Get a Quick Divorce in California?

If you and your spouse agree on all matters related to the divorce, your divorce is uncontested and will likely be finalized quickly. Remember, there is a mandatory six-month waiting period for all California divorces. Whether you go to court or file online, you must wait at least six months before your divorce is finalized. Whatever the circumstances of your divorce, you want to avoid rushing through the process, as this could come back to hurt you later.

Can You Divorce in California Without Going to Court?

Suppose your divorce is uncontested, and you and your spouse can agree on a fair and equitable plan for parenting your children, dividing your shared property, and handling child and/or spousal support, among other matters. In that case, you may be able to avoid going to court. However, if unresolved issues arise in your divorce case, a court hearing will be scheduled, and a judge will enter a ruling on these issues for you.

Getting Divorced Online in California

Sometimes, getting divorced online in California is the path of least resistance. Unless your divorce is relatively simple, filing online may proceed quickly without unnecessary delays or additional costs. If your divorce is straightforward, filing online may be an option. Consulting a knowledgeable San Diego divorce attorney is a good start if you want to know how to file for divorce online.

How Much Does an Online Divorce Cost in California?

Cost is one of the most significant factors when filing for divorce. In the simplest cases, you could pay as little as between $435 and $450, or even less, if you qualify for a fee waiver. Even if you plan to file for divorce online, it doesn’t hurt to consult an experienced divorce attorney who can guide you through the process.

How Long Does an Online Divorce Take in California?

For a California divorce, online filing is pretty straightforward. The necessary forms are readily available online, including the “petition for divorce” filed by the spouse initiating the divorce, the “summons” that notifies the other spouse of the petition to dissolve the marriage, and the “response” that the other spouse must file within 30 days. Barring potential complications, your online divorce could be finalized in as little as six months.

Do You Need an Attorney to Get an Online Divorce?

No, you are not required to hire an attorney to get an online divorce in California. You can complete the divorce process on your own using the forms provided by the courts. However, we recommend speaking to a divorce attorney if you have any questions about your divorce case, especially if you and your spouse can’t agree on specific terms of the divorce settlement, which could lead to a court hearing.

Free San Diego Divorce Consultation

Filing for divorce in California can be a complex and emotional process, especially when delicate matters like child custody, spousal support, and the division of marital property are at stake. At 619 Divorce, our experienced and compassionate San Diego divorce attorneys have a deep knowledge of California divorce law and how it applies to each case they take. Contact 619 Divorce today to schedule a free consultation with our reputable legal team.

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