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Brian J. Kuester

United State's Attorney Brian J. Kuester - for the Eastern District of Oklahoma

Brian J. Kuester became the U.S. Attorney for the Eastern District of Oklahoma in 2017. Since then, he made headlines as a passionate and hardworking federal government representative. Kuester has been facing challenges coming his way with his head held high. Moreover, he is also taking forward the idea of President Donald Trump to make America great and safe for everyone.

Brian J. Kuester is a reputable Attorney who puts his best efforts to prosecute crimes in the Eastern District of Oklahoma. The Missouri native lawyer protects the interests of citizens as well as works for maintaining the Federal government writ in the area. With his strong will and compassion, he is successfully serving Eastern Oklahoma.


Educational Background

Kuester received his early education in Oklahoma. He went on to study Bachelor of Science at the University of Central Missouri. After completing his bachelor’s degree in 1990, he worked as a Police Officer in Springfield and Fulton.

A few years down the road, Brian Kuester decided to join the University of Tulsa College of Law to obtain his J.D. degree. The degree program finished in the year 2000. It was then that he secured the position of Staff Counsel at Allstate. His career also involved a short stint of working as a law associate at Robinette & Osmond. He served as the District Attorney for the term starting November 2010. In 2014, he got re-elected for a second term. Before that, he also worked at the office of Tulsa County as an Assistant District Attorney.


Professional Career

Brian J. Kuester made his name as a lawyer before he was appointed the U.S. Attorney. One of his biggest career highlights was when President Trump announced his nomination on July 19th, 2017. The United States Senate confirmed his appointment on September 14th, the same year. He succeeded the renowned Attorney, Mark F. Green, as the District Attorney for Eastern Oklahoma.

From a very young age, Kuester showed interest in working for the betterment of society. So, when he took the oath, he made it his aim to eliminate crimes from his jurisdiction. Until now, his office has been taking the right actions to fulfill his promises.


Career Highlights

The young and determined attorney keeps an eye on legal proceedings in 26 counties. Currently, he has a staff of 22 support personnel and 13 experienced attorneys. He is actively pursuing criminals involved in corruption, terrorism, illegal weapon possession, robbery, theft, children exploitation, and drug trafficking.

Kuester is on a mission to deal with criminals active in the district. For this purpose, his office has initiated an effective campaign, Project Safe Neighborhoods, or PSN. This program paves the way for efficient collaboration between State and Federal Law enforcement agencies. The Attorney office monitors this program to convict felons involved in possession of ammunition and firearms. An example of such a case is when Edward Douglas Jacome got sentenced to prison for 46 months.

A major challenge for the United States Attorney is to manage the COVID ’19 crisis. He continues to protect the rights of people and deal with crimes while taking necessary precautions.


Contact Details

Full Name: Brian J. Kuester
District: Eastern District of Oklahoma

Phone Numbers

Main Office Line: (918) 684-5100

Toll-Free Office Line: (800) 659-7913

Administrative Division: ext. 5132

Anti-Terrorism Advisory Council (ATAC): ext. 5175

Civil Division: ext. 5116

Criminal Division: ext. 5154

Executive Division: ext. 5175

Law Enforcement / LECC: ext. 5145

Project Safe Childhood: ext. 5157

Project Safe Neighborhood: ext. 5164

Victim & Witness Assistance: ext.  5169

Fax Numbers

Administrative / Civil Division Fax: (918) 684-5130

ATAC / Criminal / Executive / Law Enforcement / Victim & Witness Fax: (918) 684-5150

Mailing Address

United States Attorney’s Office
520 Denison Ave
Muskogee OK  74401
Attn: {Division – Admin / ATAC / Civil / Criminal / Executive / LECC / Victim & Witness}


Email Information

Administrative Division:

Civil Division:

Criminal Division (also ATAC, LECC, PSC, PSN and Victim/Witness):

Executive Division (also Press Releases):

District Webmaster:

Social Media Profiles of Brian Kuester

Username: Brian Kuester

Username: U.S. Attorney EDOK


Updated: January 27th, 2021


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