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Louis V. Franklin, Sr.

Louis V. Franklin Sr. - States attorney for middle district of alabama

On September 21, 2017, Louis V. Franklin, Sr. became the U.S. Attorney for the Middle District of Alabama (MDAL). Louis V. Franklin, Sr. was nominated by President Trump on June 15, 2017, and he was declared as U.S. Attorney on September 14, 2017. Also, the nomination of Louis V. Franklin, Sr. was confirmed through voice vote.


Law Career

Before his confirmation as U.S. Attorney, Louis V. Franklin, Sr., for a long time, has worked as a federal prosecutor. After confirmation by U.S. Senate, Franklin was sworn in by W. Keith Watkins, who was the Chief U.S. District Judge.

Attorney Franklin stated that he has worked with the U.S. Attorney’s Office for about 26 years, and therefore, he is fully aware of the work of this Office has done for the Middle District of Alabama. He further added that he is honored to serve as U.S. Attorney now. Louis V. Franklin, Sr. assured the citizens of the Middle District that he would improve the work that the Office is doing to control crime and maintain justice and peace in the Middle District of Alabama.

Initially, in 1987, Louis Franklin started his career at the Legal Services Corporation of Alabama as a staff attorney. In 1990, he started serving as an assistant U.S. Attorney for the Middle District of Alabama. Afterwards, he became an associate and started practicing at Sirote and Permutt in 1996, where he defended both private and public organizations in Federal and State civil litigation.  Louis V. Franklin, Sr. returned to the U.S. Attorney’s Office in 1998. For almost 16 years, Franklin performed his duties as Criminal Chief.

As United States Attorney, Louis V. Franklin, Sr. is professed to be the high-level federal law enforcement official in Montgomery, Dothan, and Auburn. It is to note here that the U.S. Attorney’s Office prosecutes federal crimes in the Middle District of Alabama, such as crimes related to public corruption, firearms, terrorism, narcotics, and child exploitation. Furthermore, the Attorney’s Office is also responsible for defending the U.S. in civil cases as well as for collecting debts that are owed to the U.S.


Role in the Community

Louis V. Franklin, Sr. is very familiar with the needs of his district. Albeit, the Middle District of Alabama is the smallest among three other federal districts of the U.S., yet it is the home to almost 1.1 million people having their own needs. Franklin has said that he concentrates some resources on potential issues such as opioid abuse and violent crime that are likely to plague other areas of the United States. Louis V. Franklin, Sr. highlighted that opioid abuse needs excellent attention, and due to this, we are striving to ensure that pharmacists and doctors in the Middle District of Alabama are complying with the laws. In this vein, he has prosecuted several pill mills and some pharmacists and doctors who are violating oath and laws.

Louis V. Franklin, Sr. also takes aggressive acts concerning healthcare fraud. With the help of his dedicated person in the U.S. Attorney Office, potential healthcare frauds are focused and resolved. Besides, financial crimes, such as bank fraud, are also targeted. Another significant concern that needs the share of attention in the Middle District includes child abuse and human trafficking. Franklin and his staff take all measures to protect children from sexual exploitation via the Project Safe Childhood program to make the Middle District of Alabama a safer place for its citizens.



In 1981, Louis V. Franklin, Sr. earned his degree in Bachelor of Arts from the University of Alabama. Afterwards, he received his Master of Science degree from Auburn University in 1983. Franklin received his Juris Doctor (J.D.) degree from Howard University School of Law in the year 1987.


Contact Details

Full Name: Louis V. Franklin, Sr.
District: Middle District of Alabama

Middle District of Alabama

United States Attorney’s Office
Middle District of Alabama
131 Clayton Street
Montgomery, AL 36104

(334) 223-7280

(334) 223-7560


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