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Timothy J. Downing

Timothy J. Downing - United State's Attorney for Western Oklahoma

On 1st March 2019, the White House released a statement that Timothy J. Downing would be the new Attorney for the Western District of Oklahoma. The Judiciary Committee of Senate confirmed his appointment on 9th May. He received the charge of office from Sanford Coats on 5th June.


Law Career

Timothy Downing served as the Assistant Attorney General for Oklahoma between 2011 and 2016. During his tenure, he filled the roles of Director of Legislative Affairs and a member of the Opinion Conference. Furthermore, he also represented Oklahoma State in criminal proceedings. Alongside this role, he also made it his responsibility to work as a Judge Advocate with the US Army Reserve.

The current Attorney also took the role of Special Assistant for Attorney at one point in his career. He served the Western District of Texas from 2013-2014. For the period starting 2016 and ending 2018, Downing stayed associated with the Oklahoma House of Representatives. His services included working as Assistant Majority Whip, Vice-Chairperson of the Judiciary Committee, and Assistant Majority Floor Leader.



Downing belongs to rural Oklahoma. He did B.A. in Political Affairs from the University of Oklahoma. For further education, he got admission in Oral Roberts. The university awarded him a degree in Master of Management. To begin his career in law, he registered for the J.D. degree. He received his Juris Doctor from the Regent University School of Law.

He chose to enter the judicial world due to the political situation of the country. The Oklahoma City Bombings in 1995 and the 9/11 attacks drove him to fight for the welfare of his countrymen. This is why he moved from the small town he was born in, to the city.


Role in the Community

Downing monitors judicial proceedings in Western Oklahoma. It is the largest district in the state and comprises 40 counties. Since taking the oath, his entire focus has been on improving the law and order situation in the Western District. His office has taken action to control crimes such as terrorism, child exploitation, and human trafficking.

Since he is an Oklahoma native, Timothy Downing well understands the impacts of social issues such as racial and gender discrimination. Furthermore, he is also determined to make tax refunds more convenient for the unbanked and the elderly population. For this purpose, he regularly collaborates with the IRS to reduce tax scams.

During the COVID ’19 crisis, the Attorney Office has come up with an effective plan to keep people safe without compromising on their health and safety.

Timothy J. Downing is a committed federal law enforcement chief. He is an experienced law officer who puts the country and the nation before anything else. With hardworking professionals like him in charge of legal matters, the future of Oklahoma is safe.


Contact Details

Full Name: Timothy J. Downing
District/State: Western District of Oklahoma


Western District of Oklahoma Main Phone: 405-553-8700
Western District of Oklahoma FAX Line: 405-553-8888
Media Information: 405-553-8999

Mailing Address

Correspondence to the Western District of Oklahoma, including the U.S. Attorney, may be sent to:

Oklahoma City Office

210 West Park Avenue, Suite 400
Oklahoma City, Oklahoma 73102


Social Media Profiles of Timothy Downing


Username: Tim Downing


Username: U.S. Attorney WDOK


Updated: June 15, 2020


The biography of the next State’s Attorney for the Western Oklahoma

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