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Chicago Cab Driver Convicted for 2012 Sexual Assault and Attempted Robbery

Chicago Cab Driver Convicted for 2012 Sexual Assault and Attempted Robbery

Cook County State’s Attorney Anita Alvarez announced the conviction of a Chicago cad driver following the 2012 attempted robbery and brutal sexual assault of a young adult in the Lincoln Square residence area.

Admon Shasho, 30, was a former Chicago cab driver who has been indicted with two counts of Aggravated Criminal Sexual Assault and one count of Attempt Robbery for the 2012 incident, wherein the defendant had sexually assaulted a 21-year-old woman around the Lincoln Square neighborhood.

It was reported that the defendant attacked the. The 21-year-old victim in the early morning hours of April 14, 2012, as she was walking home in an alley in the 4500 block of North Oakley Avenue. Prosecutors reported that the defendant was on duty as a cab driver under the Top Cab Corporation when she observed that the victim was walking westbound on South Sunnyside Avenue, listening to music through her phone speakers. Upon finishing the minimal inspection, the defendant parked his public vehicle and followed the victim as she walked into an alley. The defendant had reportedly approached her from behind and grabbed the victim. It was noted that the victim resisted and fought against the defendant who initially targeted to take her phone.

The victim continuously resisted, to which the defendant responded with a threat and held his hand over her mouth, commanding her to shut up and threatening her with a knife. Following this scene, the defendant took the victim to the ground, undressed her, and sexually assaulted the 21-year-old victim.

A resident around the Lincoln Square neighborhood was said to have been sleeping when the incident occurred but fortunately heard the screams and cries of the victim. Architect Ron Psenka, 48, responded to the occurrence and grabbed a shovel and came after the defendant, barefoot.

“It was after 4 a.m., and I was asleep on the couch. When my wife woke me and told me that a woman was being attacked in the alley outside, I leapt to my feet and asked her to get me a bat. But there wasn’t time, so I ran out the back door and grabbed a shovel,” said the Psenka, the citizen who primarily responded to the incident.

Upon noticing the presence of Psenka, the defendant fled the scene and sprinted to a nearby park with the witness in hot pursuit of the defendant. Psenka later saw a Chicago Police Unit who were dispatched in the park and were able to help with the pursuit of the defendant who was apprehended a few minutes later around the 2300 block of West Montrose Avenue.

The Chicago Police successfully arrested the defendant and was subsequently brought back to the victim in order to identify him as the perpetrator positively. The defendant admitted to sexually assaulting her thereafter.

The victim was brought to the Illinois Masonic Hospital for a Sexual Assault Kit to be performed in order to help her case.

Cook County Criminal Court Judge Edward Harmening set the bond for Admon Shasho at $700,000 cash bond on April 15, 2012. Following the next court hearing, the defendant was sentenced by Cook County Judge Domenica Stephenson, on January 9, 2015, to a total of 22 years in the Illinois Department of Corrections for the two counts Aggravated Criminal Sexual Assault and one count of Attempt Robbery charges in relation to the 2012 incident. The defendant is expected to serve at least 85% of his prison sentence.

Cook County State’s Attorney Anita Alvarez commended the Assistant State’s Attorneys Joy Repella and Tami Strickman for their exemplary work on the case. State’s Attorney Anita Alvarez also extended her thanks to the Chicago Police Department for their collaborative work on the case.

Updated: September 16, 2020

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