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Community Justice Centers

Community Justice Centers

The Cook County State’s Attorney’s Message to the Public

“The role of the prosecutor’s office in the criminal justice system has traditionally begun after a crime has occurred. In an effort to work more closely with the community, the State’s Attorney’s Office has opened four Community Justice Centers in Cook County.

While the staff in these offices will work closely on the prosecution of local crime, they will also work closely with local police departments, community groups, schools, businesses and area residents to prevent crimes.

The Community Justice Centers provide many resources for area residents such as informational seminars and workshops, assistance with court information, attendance and participation at local community meetings, and working with schools to conduct youth prevention programs.

Each of the centers also has prosecutors from our Mortgage Fraud Investigations and Prosecutions Unit. These assistant state’s attorneys work closely with business groups and neighborhood organizations on mortgage fraud complaints and investigations.

With the opening of these offices, we hope to repair the trust that has been lost in recent years between law enforcement and the citizens we serve.”

State’s Attorney Anita Alvarez

Cook County State’s Attorney’s Office

Community Justice Centers

With new commitments to strengthen and improve prosecutions of local crime, community policing initiatives across the country have demonstrated necessary adjustments needed to be made in the State’s Attorney’s Office. A new goal of advancing effectivity of work to alleviate crimes within the County through prevention and better criminal prosecution has been set. In line with this goal, prosecutor’s offices are determined to bring purposeful intervention with the collaborative efforts of the local police, community-based organizations, residents, and schools to bring a better quality of life for the citizens of each community.

The Cook County’s Community Justice Centers employ a three-tiered approach:

The creation of this new approach, as well as the establishment of trust and creation of a thriving relationship  between the citizens of the County and the Cook County State’s Attorney’s Office, brings a significant impact on crime and the quality of life of the residents within the communities.

Community Justice Centers Services

Community Justice Center personnel are dedicated to prosecute and prevent local crime with the help of law enforcers, community-based organizations, residents, and stakeholders, with a mission to, ultimately, create a safer community and a better standard of living. With the goal of creating a more efficient prosecution process, the Community Justice Center also puts emphasis on the crime victims and witnesses by providing assistance and services, including obtaining court information on their case, and offers services that the Cook County State’s Attorney’s Office – Victim-Witness Assistance Unit provides. Additionally the State’s Attorney’s Office coordinates information seminars and community crime prevention meetings to spread awareness on vital topics, including firearms, gang violence, identity theft, and mortgage fraud.

Services provided by the Community Justice Centers:

Community Justice Center Staff

Prosecutors with outstanding and extensive background in criminal proceedings are delegated to the Community Justice Centers to provide effective and successful criminal prosecutions, and ultimately, to prevent local crime through partnerships with law enforcement, community groups, residents, and schools. These assigned members from the Cook County State’s Attorney’s Office work on cases close to the community and proceed to prosecute the case, working through to disposition personally.

Services Provided Community Justice Center Personnel

Cook State’s Attorney’s Office – Community Justice Center Locations

North Side Community Justice Center

5333 N. Western Avenue

Chicago, Illinois 60625

Serving the 19th, 20th and 23rd Chicago Police Districts

(773) 334-4066


(773) 334-4706


South Side Community Justice Center

9059 S. Cottage Grove Avenue

Chicago, Illinois 60619

Serving the 4th, 6th and 22nd Chicago Police Districts

(773) 783-5100


(773) 783-5120


West Side Community Justice Center
4 Chicago Avenue

Oak Park, Illinois 60302

Serving Oak Park and the 15th Chicago Police District

(708) 386-7301


(708) 386-7310


Central Community Justice Center
715 W. Maxwell Street

Chicago, Illinois 60607

Serving the 11th and 12th Chicago Police Districts and University of Illinois Chicago (UIC) Campus

(312) 325-9700


(312) 325-9705


Updated: September 5, 2020

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