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Chicago Man to Serve 27-Year Prison Term for the Murder of Woman After Fight Involving Drugs

Press Release - Chicago Man to Serve 27-Year Prison Term for the Murder of Woman After Fight Involving Drugs

Death of a woman ensued from an altercation involving drugs. Chicago man caught in the scene was convicted and sentenced to a 27-year-imprisonment for the First-Degree Murder of the woman who fell out a third-story window.

Following a bench trial, defendant Daniel Neasom, 30, was convicted of the First-Degree Murder of Cynthia Barnes, 39, who fell head-first onto the sidewalk and out of a third-story window, resulting to her instant death.

Investigations revealed that in the early morning hours of July 23, 2011, the defendant and the victim had engaged in a dispute regarding drugs in the defendant’s house at the 5800 blocks of South Kedzie in Chicago. The dispute had escalated into a physical altercation, which leads to the three stabbed wounds on the right thigh of Neasom. After which, Neasom had reportedly attempted to throw the victim out of the window, from which he had succeeded after a few seconds.

Witnesses testified that they heard the sound of breaking glass, and subsequently, a woman’s voice screaming for help. They also claimed that they saw the victim hanging, head-first, out of the third-story window, prior to falling onto the ground. The witnesses had then called 911. While giving their statements to the police, the witnesses observed the defendant hanging from a ledge, as he was attempting to escape the building. Furthermore, witnesses claimed that they had not seen anyone push the woman out of the window; neither did they observe a man hovering over the woman while hanging on the window.

Police officers conducting a routine patrol on the day of the incident had also served witnesses to the crime. Upon arrival on the scene, the police officers saw a female body surrounded by broken glass. A shattered window directly above the woman’s body was also noted. One of the police officers heard movement inside the building and decided to investigate. The other officer stayed on the ground and subsequently witnessed the defendant breaking the window glass with a clothes iron and attempted to exit the building. Said officer had instructed the defendant to return back inside, to which he followed. Later on, the defendant attempted to climb down the building wall once more but had fallen head-first on the sidewalk. Neasom was rushed to the hospital and was subsequently arrested two days later, on July 25, 2011. The defendant was first released without being charged but was re-arrested after DNA and toxicology results were released.

Cook County Judge James Linn proceeded to indict Daniel Neasom for the First-Degree Murder of Cynthia Barnes and has sentenced him to 27 years in prison during a hearing at the Leighton Criminal Courts Building in Chicago.

The Assistant State’s Attorneys Rob Holland and Kate McKay were commended by the Cook County State’s Attorney Anita Alvarez for their exemplary work. The State’s Attorney Anita Alvarez also thanked the Chicago Police Department for their collaborative work in the investigation and prosecution of the case.

Updated: July 28, 2020

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