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Philip Cole Finegan, II

Philip Cole Finegan, II is the next State’s Attorney for the District of Colorado

Philip Cole Finegan, II – State’s Attorney for the District of Colorado

In a private ceremony early Wednesday morning on December 1, 2021, Philip Cole Finegan, II was sworn in as the United States Attorney for the District of Colorado as per the nomination made by President Joseph R. Biden on September 28, 2021. The newly appointed Chief Federal Law Enforcement Official for the District of Colorado has been confirmed into position by the United States Senate on November 19, 2021 and has taken the oath of Office before United States District Court Judge Christine M. Arguello. Office of the United States Attorney for the District of Colorado’s highest position was briefly filled in by former Acting U.S. Attorney Matthew T. Kirsch following the departure of former U.S. Attorney Jason Dunn at the end of February 2021. It is now to be permanently filled by U.S. Attorney Philip Cole Finegan, II through the presidential term of President Joe Biden.

Educational Background and Early Professional Career

U.S. Attorney Cole Finegan has a Bachelor of Arts degree from Notre Dame University, from where he graduated in May 1978. Prior to attending law school, U.S. Attorney Philip Cole Finegan, II worked on his professional career and became a Legislative Assistant and Press Secretary to the U.S. Representative James R. Jones. From May 1978 to 1984, he remained in the position for six years before being appointed as the Campaign Manager for the James R. Jones Election Committee. In the subsequent years, Top Federal Prosecutor Finegan persisted through this career line and became Chief of Staff as U.S. Congressman James R. Jones was appointed into the position. In the election year 1986, U.S. Attorney Philip Cole Finegan, once again, served as the Campaign Manager for the efforts of James R. Jones to become a part of the U.S. Senate. Following this endeavor, U.S. Attorney Finegan earned his Juris Doctorate from the Georgetown University Law Center in February 1987.


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Legal Career of Attorney Finegan

Brownstein, Hyatt, Farber & Strickland, P.C.

Officially launching his legal career, Top Federal Prosecutor Philip Cole Finegan, II joined the Brownstein, Hyatt, Farber, & Strickland, P.C. as an Associate Attorney. Through March 1987 and February 1991, U.S. Attorney Finegan performed various duties as a lawyer, including focusing his legal practice on fundamental real estate issues and administrative law while emphasizing land use law. Moreover, as an Associate Lawyer in a global law firm, Top Federal Prosecutor Cole Finegan collaborated with multiple partners on an array of tasks such as administrative cases, campaign finance issues, and cases, civil litigation, corporate transactions, as well as legislative and policy matters as the firm worked in multiple disciplines.

Campaign Manager, Chief Legal Counsel, and Director of the Office of Policy & Initiatives

After working in the legal field for approximately two years, Top Federal Prosecutor Finegan returned to working in his former professional career and served as a Campaign Manager for the Norm Early for Mayor campaign. Alongside carrying out duties in the campaign efforts for Norm Early from February 1991 to July 1993, U.S. Attorney Philip Cole Finegan managed to serve as the Chief Legal Counsel to Colorado Governor Roy Romer from July 1991 to February 1993. In this capacity, U.S. Attorney Finegan provided legal advice to Governor Romer and his office staff and his Cabinet consisting of the Executive Directors for the 17 state agencies and their staff members. Furthermore, the role of Top Federal Prosecutor Finegan relied on him focusing exclusively on state-related matters, including but not limited to Colorado Bureau of Investigation matters; disputes and issues related to natural resources and the environment; engagement in preparing and implementing the multi-billion-dollar state budget; investigation and review of all proposed judicial appointments; request for pardons and paroles; representing the Governor in any disputes over vetoed legislation and congressional redistricting with the General Assembly; and prison and criminal reform issues. Within weeks following his appointment in the Office of Governor Romer, U.S. Attorney Cole Finegan was assigned and promoted into the Director of the Office of Policy & Initiatives in the Office of the Governor for the State of Colorado, on top of being Chief Legal Counsel to Governor Roy Romer. With his broadened scope of responsibilities, U.S. Attorney Finegan also presided over the supervision of approximately 60 policy development team personnel dedicated to working on criminal justice, economic, education, energy, environmental, health care, telecommunications, and transportation policy issues.

Continued work at Brownstein, Hyatt, Farber & Strickland, P.C.

After serving in the Office of the Governor for the State of Colorado, Chief Federal Law Enforcement Official Finegan returned to his former firm—the Brownstein, Hyatt & Farber, P.C., as a shareholder. Beginning in February 1993, U.S. Attorney Finegan took on the role of representing the firm’s corporate clients, including trade associations and real estate businesses such as the Colorado Credit Union League; local and state governmental entities within Colorado and New Mexico; nonprofit organizations; and individual clients. His work included legislative and public policy issues such as lobbying; handling negotiations between private businesses on multiple commercial issues; and representing private entities, individuals, and local, state, and federal governments on various matters. Top Federal Prosecutor Philip Cole Finegan remained in the global law firm for about ten years, until October 2003, before shifting to working in the government sector.

Office of the Mayor for the City and County of Denver

On October 1, 2003, U.S. Attorney Cole Finegan shifted from private practice to government service as he was appointed by Mayor John Hickenlooper to be the City Attorney for the City and County of Denver. He worked as the lawyer for Mayor Hickenlooper and the City’s agencies and employees, including the 13-person City Council. Throughout his tenure as a City Attorney to the City and County for Denver, U.S. Attorney Finegan led and supervised approximately 100 lawyers involved in all aspects of the city government, including criminal, contract, and land use. In addition, U.S. Attorney Finegan guided a section of support personnel devoted to victim advocacy. In the first half of his tenure in the Office, from 2003 to December 2006, the character of U.S. Attorney Finegan’s practice was exclusively public as the Chief Legal Officer for the City, wherein he was completely devoted to serving all legal needs of the City and County of Denver. In July 2005, Top Federal Prosecutor Finegan was selected by Mayor John Hickenlooper to be his Chief of Staff. In these dual capacities, he supervised the Department of Law and the Cabinet of the Mayor. At the same time, he oversaw the legal and operational activities of the City.

Hogan & Hartson (Hogan Lovells US LLP)

In December 2006, Top Federal Prosecutor Cole Finegan left the Office of the Mayor of the City and County of Denver to return to the private sector. He became the Office Managing Partner at the Hogan & Hartson in May 2007, where he began supervising approximately 80 lawyers and 100 support personnel. In this position, the legal practice of U.S. Attorney Finegan particularly emphasized the creation and expansion of public-private partnerships. Among his significant tasks in the firm was being elected to serve on the Board of Directors for Hogan Lovells US LLP in 2012, becoming the firm’s Chief Executive Officer in 2014, serving on the International Management Committee (IMC) of Hogan Lovells as its Regional Managing Partner for the Americas. The IMC comprises only about 15 individuals heading and managing the firm, along with its over 2,800 lawyers. From 2014 to July 2020, U.S. Attorney Finegan continued his legal practice but has shifted his primary duties to a managerial scope, where he supervised more than 500 attorneys and several business staff personnel in the 11 offices of the Hogan & Hartson in the United States, Mexico, Venezuela, and Brazil.

Board Directorships

Apart from his professional career, U.S. Attorney Philip Cole Finegan also emphasize serving on numerous charitable boards, including the Children’s Hospital in Colorado, the Colorado ‘I Have A Dream Foundation,’ and the Denver Public Schools Foundation, as well as in the Palace Lofts Condominium Association, Rose Andom Center, Teach for America, Downtown Denver Partnership, Denver Metro Chamber of Commerce, Colorado State Board of Agriculture, Colorado Board of State Colleges, and Auraria Higher Education Commission. He also helped in fighting against domestic violence through the creation of Denver’s First Family Justice Center.


Office Jurisdiction

Holding the highest position in the Office of the United States Attorney for the District of Colorado, United States Attorney Philip Cole Finegan, II oversees all federal criminal prosecutions, as well as civil litigations undertaken on behalf of the United States Government. As Chief Federal Law Enforcement Official, U.S. Attorney Cole Finegan leads a staff of more than 160 Assistant United States Attorneys and professional staff members, in addition to about 20 government contractors. The Office of the United States Attorney for the District of Colorado is headquartered in Denver, with branch offices in the Municipalities of Grand Junction and Durango.

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Full Name: Philip Cole Finegan, II.
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U.S. Attorney Cole Finegan
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Durango – Branch Office

AUSA Jeffrey Graves
835 E 2nd Avenue

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Grand Junction Branch Office

AUSA Peter Hautzinger

205 North 4th Street

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