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R. Trent Shores

R. Trent Shores states attorney for the northern district of oklahoma

Trent Shores is entrusted with the position of Attorney General of the Northern District of Oklahoma. He took charge on September 22, 2017, and his responsibilities involve representing the Federal government in criminal prosecution. Furthermore, he also collects debts from those who owe them to the government. He belongs to the Choctaw Nation of Oklahoma and has been working tirelessly for years to resolve issues faced by the people of the Native American tribe.


Appointment as the U.S. Attorney

Between 2007 and 2017, R. Trent Shores worked as the Assistant U.S. Attorney. In early 2015, he got appointed as the Assistant to the Attorney General. While he got replaced after just three months, he made his way back to the office after a break of half a year. In November 2017, he joined the office for the Northern District of Oklahoma as the Assistant U.S. Attorney.

Considering his years of experience and exceptional service, the President chose Shores as the U.S. Attorney for the Northern District of Oklahoma. He took the oath on September 22, 2017.



Shores is a well-educated person based in Tulsa, Oklahoma. He completed a bachelor’s from Vanderbilt University with majors in Political Science. Later on, he got admission to the University of Oklahoma College of Law to pursue Juris Doctor. Furthermore, He also attended the Leadership Tulsa program offered by the Association of Leadership Programs.


Professional Career

Trent Shores took on a variety of responsibilities throughout his professional career.  He worked as the national cybersecurity specialist with the northern district. During this job, his responsibilities included keeping track of heinous crimes such as drug trafficking, child abuse, illegal migration, and corruption. He also worked alongside the then Governor of Oklahoma, Frank Keating.

Shores went on to become the Deputy Director at the Department of Tribal Justice in Washington, D.C. He also got the opportunity to attend the United Nations meeting as the representative of the USA. There, he presented a strong case in favor of Native people around the globe. He emphasized the importance of protecting their rights.


Legal Career

Among other tasks, he is also focused on handling one of the significant issues facing society – substance addiction and abuse. He understands the critical impacts of drug addiction, particularly among the younger generation. So, he recently announced that the office of the Northern District of Oklahoma has decided to reserve funds of $163 million for this purpose. The funds will go to innovative programs that can help control this nuisance.

Furthermore, he is also actively guiding citizens about the common scams that threaten public safety. In this regard, the office of the U.S. Attorney for the Northern District of Oklahoma has released a set of guidelines so people can stay away from fraudsters.


Major Achievements

Over the years, he has worked on resolving a myriad of issues facing the Native American community. His hard work and vision got him the recognition he truly deserves. In 2018, Tulsa World included him in the list of the most admirable People to Watch. It is an authentic and well-known newspaper that has been covering significant happenings in the city since 1905.

Shores achieved another memorable milestone when the popular local newspapers such as Tulsa Daily Legal News and Business – Tulsa World listed him as a Man of Distinction in 2015.


Contact Details

Full Name: R. Trent Shores
District/State: Northern District of Oklahoma


Main Office Line: (918) 382-2700
Fax Number: (918) 560-7938
Public Information Officer Phone: (918) 382-2755

Tulsa Office

The United States Attorney’s Office
110 W. 7th Street
Suite 300
Tulsa, OK 74119


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Username: Trent Shores


Username: U.S. Attorney NDOK


Updated: June 15, 2020


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